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We are rank and file educators who are actively organizing and working towards better working conditions for teachers, healthy learning conditions for students, an equitable and reasonable teacher evaluation system that does not include test scores, and a salary scale that is uncomplicated and fair.

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Our Vision & Platform

We believe in a member-driven, member-centered organization that respects our voices and is responsive to our varied needs. We deserve health care that doesn't bankrupt us and a common sense payscale that honors our education and hard work.

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Get Involved

Get involved and help move our union in the right direction! Join us on our mission to transform our union into an organization that truly values educators' voices.

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Now is the time!

In the coming weeks, CCEA members have an important choice to make. Do we continue down the same road that has led us to where we are today? Or do we make a positive change?

The Clark County Educators for Change are Rank and File educators. We are in buildings all over Clark County, working tirelessly to change the lives of our students for the better. We fully understand the repercussions of decisions made by the school board, legislators, and union leadership because we live it. Just like you do.

We believe it is time for a new leadership team at CCEA. We need members like you to use your voice and be heard in the 2018 CCEA elections that will be taking place in January and early February. With your voice and your vote, issues that are important to you and your students will be our priority.

We are working to move CCEA toward a truly membership-driven organization. You deserve a union that respects your voice and acts to make teaching and learning conditions better for you and your students. You deserve a strong contract, an uncomplicated salary scale, and responsive health care.

A strong, effective union is supported by a dedicated network of educators locally, statewide, and nationally. We believe that the strained relationship between our local and state/national organizations must be repaired in order to fight against anti-union, pro-corporate education reform policies that are working against public education in Nevada, and it is our plan to mend those relationships while securing the increased funding needed to support the very unique needs of Clark County.

We invite you to be part of these exciting changes! Please take a few moments to learn about our Vision and Platform, visit our Candidate Pages to learn more about us as individuals, and learn how you can Get Involved to let your voice be heard.

Time for teachers union change

Next Steps...

We need your support to make progressive changes in the Clark County Education Association (CCEA). Please help as you can. Thank you for your support!

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  • VOTE - ballots will be mailed 1-17-18. Bookmark the Calendar to keep track of important dates!

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