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Member Driven Union

We deserve a member-driven, member-centered organization that respects our voices and is responsive to our varied needs. A strong union is one that is member-led.

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Equitable Contract

We deserve a common-sense payscale that rewards both a traditional route for salary advancement and allows teachers to advance through non-traditional means. 

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Legislative Priorities

Working and learning conditions must be brought to the forefront of conversations with lawmakers. Combating anti-union and pro-privatization agendas must become a priority to save public education in Nevada.

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Member Driven

Clark County Educators for Change believe in a member-driven, member-led organization that is responsive to the needs of each and every educator through every phase of their career.

It all boils down to respect. Your voice should be valued. Educators in buildings across the district work tirelessly to ensure that our students get everything they need to be successful, and it is CCEA's job to make sure you have the support to be the best educator you can be. But before your union can truly support you, they need to be open to your needs.

To that end, as leaders we will hold monthly meetings to truly listen to member concerns and needs to ensure that we are everything you need in a union. These will be outside and apart from Association Representative Council and will center on you, the member, and on what you need from your organization. We are here to serve you.

Equitable Contract

Educators must be supported both in and out of the classroom through a strong collective bargaining agreement. We deserve a common sense salary schedule that honors both the traditional route for salary advancement and that allows teachers to continue working on their Professional Growth Plans to accrue CUs for column movement.

We believe that every educator in Clark County is entitled to responsive healthcare that does not bankrupt them. It is imperative that we work to get Teachers Health Trust back on track. No one should have to avoid seeking medical treatment because they are afraid of what it will cost. It is our desire to make sure that your health insurance bills are paid in a timely manner and that you have a reliable network of doctors.

We value openness and transparency in our organization at all times, especially when it comes to your contract. As leaders we will make sure that you know exactly what is in a proposed contract prior to asking for a ratification vote. 

Legislative Priorities

Working to make sure that public education is properly funded in Nevada will always be a top legislative priority. Nevada must finally make education a priority by increasing per pupil funding to a rational amount. But educator working conditions and student learning conditions must also be brought to the forefront of conversations with lawmakers. Issues such as real class size reduction and a straightforward educator evaluation system are just two examples of things that we can work for in the legislature.

The decentralization and reorganization of CCSD has brought a myriad of challenges to an already underfunded school district. When elected, we will fight for the funding necessary to properly implement AB394, as well as make sure legislation is passed that will protect the teachers who serve as elected members of their School Organizational Teams.

Public education is under attack in Nevada and nationally. We will provide the leadership that will take a stand against anti-public education rhetoric. We will not embrace those individuals, organizations, and ideologies that are tearing apart the very fabric of public education. Our students deserve so much more than that. And so do we.

We will not make backroom deals that allow vouchers and ESAs to funnel tax-payer dollars to private schools. We reject the notion that for-profit charter schools provide a better education than traditional public schools. We refuse to accept the rhetoric that falsely claims that our public schools are failing en masse because it simply isn't true. When elected, we will continue doing what each and every one of us has been doing for years - advocating and working for strong public schools.



There are many other issues that we know are important to you. If you have any questions or concerns that have not been addressed above, please do not hesitate to contact us via the Contact Us page. You may also contact us through our CCE4Change Facebook page, or through our individual Candidate Pages.

Thank you for taking the time to get informed, get involved, and make your voice heard! Be sure to check the links below to sign up for updates and see other ways you can get involved.


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