Stephanie Bell - NSEA Board Seat I

Stephanie Bell

NSEA Board Seat I


Hello, I’m Stephanie Bell and I’m running for NSEA Board of Directors SEAT I. I have been involved with CCEA as an Association Representative, Awards Chair, Negotiations Committee member, Legislative Action Intern, and also was elected NEA Representative and NSEA Delegate. As an Association Representative, I always maintained communication about union meetings with teachers in my school.

As a NSEA Board of Director, I have our local as a priority on the state level while also representing the whole state of Nevada as we unite from all other locals to share the fight together. I am strongly against vouchers, for-profit charter schools, and other privatization methodologies that will hurt teachers, students or public school education. If you have concerns, I will listen to AND answer your concerns.

I will always stand strong for what is right for our members, as I value and respect teachers and the free public education system. As educators, we need to unite!  I believe we need all levels of the union to continue the fight for our students including the national, state, and local; we cannot be on an island by ourselves. Unity is strength; Division is weakness. We need to stand together and build a stronger union and work together on all levels to build and rebuild relationships to fight the people who are trying to destroy public education. If you want a candidate with integrity, respect for our members and our profession, and who will stand strong for what is right for our members then I am your candidate, Stephanie Bell.


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