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Clark County Educators for Change are active Clark County Education Association (CCEA) members who regularly engage with local, state, and national leaders to improve the lives of teachers and other licensed professionals who work tirelessly to support and enrich the lives of students in Clark County School District (CCSD) and all of Nevada.

We invite you to learn more about us as individuals by clicking on candidate photos below below. To learn more about our shared beliefs and vision, please visit our About Us page.

Sarah Sunnasy


Chet Miller

Vice President

Alexis Salt

CCEA Exec Board Seat 1B

Robert Cowles

CCEA Exec Board Seat 2B

Chris Rinaldi

CCEA Exec Board Seat 3B

Sharon Flick

CCEA Exec Board Seat 4B

Jennifer Petrie

CCEA Exec Board Seat 5B

Tamara Hudson

NSEA Board Seat G

Robert Cowles

NSEA Board Seat H

Stephanie Bell

NSEA Board Seat I

Sue Guilliams

NSEA Board Seat J

Mike Peck

NSEA Board Seat K

Don Kimura

NSEA Board Seat L

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