Robert Cowles - NSEA Board Seat H

Robert Cowles

CCEA Exec Board Seat 2B, and

NSEA Board Seat H

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Platform – CCEA Exec Seat 2B

My name is Robert Cowles, and I am running for CCEA Executive Board, Seat 2B.

I am a dedicated educator and public education advocate who can be seen at every school board meeting speaking up for the issues that matter to teachers and our students.

I am currently serving on the CCEA Executive Board (Seat 4B), and am often the sole dissenter, as I am looking for the way through that keeps in mind the interests of ALL of our members. I believe the way forward starts with listening to each other, finding our common ground, and building from there. There is too much at stake for all of us.

My name is Robert Cowles, and I am asking for your vote, CCEA Executive Board, Seat 2B


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