Sharon Flick - CCEA Exec Board Seat 4B

Sharon Flick

CCEA Exec Board Seat 4B

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My name is Sharon Flick and I am asking for your vote for the CCEA Executive Board
Seat 4B.

Our members want the organization to be proactive and transparent. Our members want a
fair and equitable contract with improved health insurance and better working conditions.
With thirty years of service protecting your rights, I have served as the Secretary of the
CCEA, served several times on the Executive Board, and served on numerous
committees including Budget and the Review Board. I am asking for your support so that
I may help lead the board in becoming more active and accountable to the membership.
We need to remember that our members come first. Our job is to protect the members
and their families. We need to remind the district, the legislators, and the public that
Educators are important and their jobs, benefits, and voices will not be lost on our watch.