Fundamental Change

Clark County Educators for Change want to fundamentally change the way business is done at CCEA. We will lead our organization to the truly member-driven and member-led organization that it’s supposed to be.

We believe:

  • A union should be responsive to the needs of all members.
  • Educators that are supported by a strong organization have the freedom to concentrate on their students and their needs.
  • The salary scale should reward educators for the hard work they put in every day, but also value the efforts of those who choose to earn advanced degrees as a means for professional and financial advancement.
  • Educator working conditions are students’ learning conditions and both need to be protected and strengthened.
  • Progress is protecting the interests of educators through common sense legislation, not making deals with politicians who don’t have the best interests of public education in mind.

We believe in the meaning of integrity and hard work.

A strong, effective union is supported by a dedicated network of educators locally, statewide, and nationally. We believe that the strained relationship between our local and state/national organizations must be repaired in order to fight against anti-union, pro-corporate education reform policies that are working against public education in Nevada. We will mend relationships while securing the increased funding needed to support the very unique needs of Clark County. Standing in solidarity with educators across the state and the nation makes us stronger. Working and collaborating with educators across the state to strengthen public education in Nevada is not a weakness or an insult. That is what unions do. There is real strength in numbers.

We represent Change. We represent real progress – progress that every educator will see in their daily lives. We represent the idea that education professionals should be listened to by their union, and that the union works for the members.

We ask you to join us.

Clark County Educators for Change

Vote for Change for CCEA