Sue Guilliams - NSEA Board Seat J

Sue Guilliams

NSEA Board Seat J


My name is Sue Guilliams and I am running for NSEA Board of Directors, Seat J.

Having been on the NSEA Board of Directors previously, it is my goal to continue working with all stakeholders across the state to bring issues of public education back into focus. As I move forward in seeking your vote, I will be transparent about the issues. Education reform is not the best policy, instead helping create productive solutions to help bring back what is missing from public education should be the focus.

There needs to be a cohesive relationship between local affiliates and the state affiliate to work with elected officials to be heard as educators in the classroom as well as be seen experts in our profession. Without educators like you and I at the table, public education will continue being part of the status quo and will not see the drastic changes that are so desperately needed.

There needs to be more transparency about how funding is spent at the district level, more communication on how the budget is created and adjusted to meet demands of the students’ needs within the classrooms that should include a highly qualified teacher, more support for the reorganization and SOTs at the state level, and a consistent give and take between CCEA and NSEA to be able to tackle any challenge given through CCSD that attempts to diminish the funding and resources for our educators and students.

Our working conditions are our students’ learning conditions. We need strong candidates that are willing to take a stand and be a loud voice of reason among the voices that are choosing to tear public education and our profession down, and I am willing to be just that for NSEA Board of Directors, Seat J.


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