Sarah Sunnasy running for CCEA President

Sarah Sunnasy - President
Sarah Sunnasy – President

Sarah Sunnasy threw her hat in the ring to become President of the Clark County Education Association (CCEA). The CCEA is the teachers union for Clark County School District, the 5th largest school district in the country. Ballots will be sent out on January 17, 2018 and will be due back by February 23, 2018. Sunnay’s delivered a stunning candidate statement at the Association Representative Council (ARC) on December 12, 2017:

Good evening. My name is Sarah Sunnasy and I’m running for president of the Clark County Education Association.

My grandfather, Nolan, was born on a cotton farm in West Texas just before the onset of the great depression. He worked the cotton fields with his brothers until he joined the Navy during WWII and after his service he found work in the oil fields of southern California. It was there that he first joined a union, working the rigs for Atlantic Richfield. Through his stories, he is the one who taught me the true meaning of the term ‘fighting for working conditions’. He taught me what it means to be part of something bigger than yourself that is for the benefit of all. He is the reason that I was so proud to sign my CCEA membership form when I became a teacher. Joining the union was truly a special moment for me and I wish Grandpa had been here to see it.

I’m sharing this with you because this is my story. It is the foundation for everything I do and everything that I believe. I believe in unionism. I believe in workers rights. I believe in standing up and speaking the truth even when it’s difficult, ESPECIALLY when it’s difficult, because that’s the only way things will ever change…

For the rest of the speech, see the Sarah Sunnasy for President candidate page.

Sunnasy can be reached through her Facebook page.