Tamara Hudson - NSEA Board Seat G

Tamara Hudson

NSEA Board Seat G


Tamara Hudson, M.Ed, is an elementary school classroom teacher with nine years teaching experience. She teaches special education for K-3 students.  Tamara has been an active member of CCEA for nine years. She is currently serving on the NSEA Board of Directors. She has also served as a delegate to both NSEA Delegate Assembly and the NEA Representative Assembly. Tamara is also a National Board candidate, seeking certification in exceptional needs.  Serving as a mentor and professional learning facilitator, she supports fellow teachers as National Board candidates pursuing National Board certification through the Nevada National Board Professional Learning Institute: Empowering Teachers as Leaders and Learners, as well as through a site-based cohort at her school.  


I have been teaching for nine years in CCSD and a member of CCEA since 2008. My experience is as a special education teacher has provided me with communication and collaboration skills that will be beneficial to the work of the board. I am currently the AR at May elementary school in a veteran of the United States Army. I have also serve as a delegate to DA and RA. I have been the voice of younger teachers, yet our voice is still under represented on the board. My recent leadership training from CCEA/NSEA has prepared me to take on additional roles such as facilitating NBCT cohorts and Accomplish Teaching sessions for New teachers in the district. We must continue to be a powerful voice for public education state wide, at all levels, and ensure our union stays strong. I am ready to take a stand with you and be your voice on the NSEA Board of Directors.

Goals while on the NSEA Board of Directors:

To continue to be the voice for all educators and make sure their concerns are heard locally and statewide regarding funding, healthcare, work conditions, professional development, salary, and teacher retention.

To have open communicate with every member in a meaningful and engaging matter with respect.


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