Don Kimura - NSEA Board Seat L

Don Kimura

NSEA Board Seat L


My name is Don Kimura and I want to become a member of the NSEA Executive Board to help facilitate changes to ensure all students have a quality education and experience. 

I’m in my tenth year as a special education teacher with CCSD. I’m passionate about education and helping my students succeed. I also believe that we have work to do to change the perception of our profession. How can we do this as a board? We must listen our fellow educators to learn what challenges they face, collaborate with local and state leaders to find the best solutions and, most importantly, take action to affect meaningful change in our work environment and our students’ learning environment. We need to recruit and retain the most talented teachers. We need to create a great experience for our educators. This translates to a better experience for our students.

Currently, we are challenged by outside agendas to diminish public education.  The lack of funding for public education hinders our ability to provide quality education to our students, especially the most vulnerable and at-risk. We are fighting against vouchers and other schemes that negatively impact public school funding necessary to create the best environment for our students.  We are fighting to have our educators’ voices heard for student learning conditions.

We continue to question our evaluations being linked to student achievement. These battles are being waged across the country.  I have been collaborating with leaders from across the country to help combat the personal attacks on public education. We need to work together to provide a great public education for every student.  When we do this, we prepare them to succeed in a diverse and interdependent world.

Leadership comes from those who are in the classrooms, engaged with students, and know first-hand how improvements can be made. As a head coach, I know what it takes to work with multiple personalities and bring them together to achieve a common goal.  I see the struggles that high school students go through on a daily basis. As an advisor to a club at my high school, I listen to and mentor students as they navigate their secondary education and grow into adulthood.  

As a participant in the Nevada State Delegate Assembly, I realize the bonds that must be formed to make lasting changes in our state. I collaborated to create a new business item to improve support for second career teachers.  Members of other local unions supported the vision to strengthen our profession.  I listened to them and had meaningful conversations, making a connection with them.  

As the Vice Chair of the NEA Asian Pacific Islander Caucus, I work with the NEA Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee.  The elected leaders from the Black Caucus, Hispanic Caucus, and American Indian/Alaskan Native Caucus collaborate to make changes that ensure a great public education for all students.  We listen to each other and understand that we are stronger together.  I want to bring all of my experiences and successes to the NSEA Executive Board, seat L.

Change isn’t easy. In fact, many find it scary. However, without change, we can’t grow. We can’t get better. There will be growing pains, but we can work to minimize the pain. In the end, our students win. We have work to do to make NSEA better. I’m ready to commit to listening, participating and facilitating action. We need change for the sake of our students.

If you agree, I would appreciate your vote. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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