Mike Peck - NSEA Board Seat K
Nevada Air National Guard, Master Sergeant – Retired

Mike Peck

NSEA Board Seat K


This year is Mike’s 20th year in the Clark County School District. He has been a member of the NEA since before he became a teacher. Mike has taught almost every elementary grade level and is now teaching middle school science.  Mike has been an active member of CCEA for several years.  He has served on the CCEA TIP Coordinating Council and is currently serving on the NSEA Board of Directors. Mike has also served as a delegate to both NSEA Delegate Assembly and the NEA Representative Assembly.

  • Mike believes that it is the responsibility of NSEA  to bring a unified, member approved message to the legislature for the betterment of all educators and students in Nevada.
  • Mike would like to continue to expand the NSEA professional development program that is available to all educators in Nevada.
  • Mike believes that CCEA, NSEA and NEA have an obligation to work together as a united front for the benefit of our educators and students.
  • Mike believes that the BEST way to achieve our goals is through partnerships with other members of the union movement.  He believes that as a strong union member, we must honor and support our other union members across the state and the nation.


My name is Michael Peck and I am your representative on the Nevada State Education Association Board of Directors. When I ran for this position 3 years ago NSEA, as an organization, was ineffective and headed in the wrong direction. I asked to represent you to lend my voice, my knowledge, and my commitment to our profession and our students to help change the direction of NSEA. Working together with other members of the board I have been able to help make those changes. We have more work to do to fulfill our mission and our vision, that the Nevada State Education Association be the trusted education expert, united to ensure an exceptional public education for every Nevada student. I humbly ask for your support and your vote and to have the honor to continue to represent you on the NSEA Board of Directors and finish the work begun.


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