Jennifer Petrie - CCEA Exec Board Seat 5B

Jennifer Petrie

CCEA Exec Board Seat 5B

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My goal is a more member driven union and to accomplish this we need more transparency within our leadership. We need a strong unified voice for our profession, as well as for our students! I am a dedicated special education teacher that understands the hardships we all face in the classroom itself, and outside the classroom, including healthcare and salary scale movement (especially column movement).

I have dedicated myself to learning more about successful unionism over the past 5 years and have traveled to meet with other union local leaders from all over the nation including the CTU of Chicago, UTLA, and AFT of New York City. I have learned that their success was based on not only uniting members, but also in rallying the community to support public education and its funding, by reaching out to other unions and supporting them. All the while also having outreach to all of their members who have students in our classes. The strongest unions that have found the best results for educators and students included communities that helped lead that fight for public education with them side by side.

It is important to have board members and leadership that all share the same vision to unite how we move forward in a direction that gains the support of the community, gains honest and open feedback from members to drive the issues, and to collaborate on the behalf of the best interests of students, parents, licensed personnel and public education.


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