Chris Rinaldi - CCEA Exec Board Seat 3B

Chris Rinaldi

CCEA Exec Board Seat 3B

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My name is Chris Rinaldi and I am running for CCEA Executive Board Seat 3B. As a veteran teacher I believe in the power of teachers. As a formal digital learning coach I know how important it is to listen to those you serve. As a teacher, I know how often we are told what we want and how often we are told that we are lucky for what we have. As your representative, I must empower educators, improve transparency, and support a fair contract. I believe that representatives need to listen. I believe in reflecting thoughtfully. I believe in demonstrating integrity, responsibility and solidarity. I believe in building relationships. Finally, as your representative, I need to be responsive when you speak, attentive when you need to be heard, and steadfast when you are under attack. Your voice is important. Please support my bid for Executive Board Seat 3B.


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